Romance Angels Guidance - Doreen Virtue App Reviews

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It’s okay

Is okay app

Thank you

Good app needs more messages and sure hope you can make more archangel apps like Metetron or Ariel please


Since Doreen has denounced all her previous work with angels, oracle cards, her books, then I can no longer give her my support and am deleting all her apps.

This app give only a handful of responses

I like The some of the other apps from Doreen, but not this one. It only gives five or six responses, and I don't like the alerts. I'm going to delete this and get her physical romance card deck, which has 44 cards. I like the some of the other apps she has, except, If you down load her apps and have to delete Them , for some reason, if you want to put it in your phone again, when you go back to the App Store it does not show up like other things that I've deleted in the past that shows you already purchased it, and has a box next to it with an arrow pointing down so you just have to touch on it and you get it back because you already paid for it. Instead, the App Store acts like since you purchased it already you don't want that app anymore and so it does not even show that app. It's as though it never existed!

I love Doreen Virtue but not this app

I was misguided in thinking I was buying the Romance Deck. I am disappointed in the responses because of their redundancy - it's like there's a handful of computer generated responses.

What happened to all the Tarot cards

Not a fan of this app. It actually kind of annoying getting alerts all day. I thought this was the Romance Angel deck when I downloaded it. Disappointed, bring all the Tarot apps back please


I like this app it is very uplifting and positive


Love the advice that is given.

Wouldn't Recommend

I love Doreen's Angel Answer cards, so I bought this app in the hopes of getting more info but nothing seemed to match up. This app would send a message and I would use the Angel deck to get more info but they contradicted each other. I ended up removing this app.


This app is always inspiring. The guidance is always positive and loving. I also have the Jesus app as well as several Guardian angel apps. They all seem to work together harmoniously. I am very happy with this app and all the Doreen Virtue apps that I have.


Be Aware, this is not a tarot or oracle app. If you are looking for the Doreen's Romance Angel deck app, this is not it. Although this app is pretty, it is not for doing readings.

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